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Denim Jackets

Mmm ... raise your hand if you don't have something in your wardrobe in denim! We have seen you! Nobody!

Denim is one of the most loved and respected fabrics in the whole world of fashion. First used as workwear as it is very comfortable and long lasting, it slowly made its way to everyday life and finally came to occupy a special place in our heart ... and in our wardrobe! This is why It Bags has decided to dedicate its own category to denim, making wholesale denim jackets for those who are attentive to trends and are not afraid to dare. Hand painted one by one, you will not find anything like this except in our online clothing and accessories e-commerce!

Denim Jackets

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"Paris" denim jacket

Wear our denim jacket with "Paris" motif to feel as if you were walking on the Champs Elysées! Hand painted on high quality denim. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on size and fit.