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We asked our stylists the following question: If you could only choose a few items that you can wear despite the changing fashion every year, what would they be?

They didn't hesitate answering: the leather jacket, the t-shirt and the denim jacket. A wholesale leather jacket, as the old films with James Dean teach us, or the 90s with that grunge style or even following the most popular influencers of these days...it is a piece to absolutely have in the closet. You can combine it with any look and it will give that extra gear to every look. In the wholesale winter collection you will find b2b leather jackets and much more! The T-shirt was, is and will remain a statement for men and women, young and old. Versatile and suitable from day to night when combined with the right accessories. The denim jacket come to help us making even the most banal look, fresh and trendy. Denim has always been our ally as it goes well with anything.

This is why It Bags has decided to create its wholesale clothing collection. Come to discover it, you'll love it!


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