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Leather Jackets

Sift through every closet, look in every showcase and have a look on the street ... the leather jacket is a must have for all ages! Oversize, tight, short, long .. the varieties are many! It Bags, your website of wholesale clothing and b2b bags, has created this capsule collection of wholesale Made in Italy leather jackets, to meet the need that we all have ... owning a must have like the leather jacket!

Worn and loved by the stars and revived every year at the most famous fashion shows in the world, it is now here within your reach to make your shop the most fashionable in circulation. Thanks to our Florentine artists, we decided to customize each wholesale jacket with handmade paintings, to make each piece unique and unrepeatable. Not least, our b2b jackets are leather and fully processed in Italy to give you the best quality on the market. Get them now!

Leather Jackets

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