Wholesale Patchwork Bags - Genuine Leather Made in Italy


Trendy and always up-to-date, we tell you everything about the workmanship that has made our products a must-have for many boutiques around the world!

This processing method was invented by American pioneers who recycled the best parts of theis ruined garments and this technique was used to repair used clothes or to create new ones, while Italy reached this trend in the '90s. At the beginning Patchwork meant only the processing of fabrics; but over the time these creations have also been made in many other materials. The manufacturing varies from material to material, but as when it was invented, the purpose is to stitch together varios "pieces" of different colors and textures, into one large design. Many yeas have passed since this was done out of pure necessity and today, it has become a statement in fashion industry.

On the catwalks we saw Valentino, Gucci, Vionnet, Fendi and many other fashion brands. We saw beautiful models all perfectly dressed up carrying a Patchwork bag on their arm. Strong colors combined with more subdued shades, or soft textures such as calf hair combined with smooth leather to give the bag a perfect and balanced contrast! In addition they are perfect with every outift!The long and romantic dress paired with a colorfull Patchwork bag is the extra gear you've been waiting for, Patchwork backpacks with denim jackets or denim midi dresses, or looks with strong colors that reflects the shades of a beautiful Patchwork clutch. Who doesn't want an outfit like this?

Oh yes, because unfortunately the idea that many have built over the time is that bags made with this technique are the result of reused leather "leftovers", BUT IT'S NOT SO and we want to shout it out loud. It Bags, pioneer of Patchwork processing for its wholesale leather bags, carefully selects the materials, always choosing the highest quality ones suitable for this technique. Furthermore, collaborating with Florentine designers and stylists to always search the perfect models and colors that can be perfectr combined together, always remaining in line with latest trends and seasonal fashion.

"We spend a lot of time researching the perfect materials and the right combination to be able to create a bag that is always unique and with its own unparalleled personality. Our dream was to create items that could stand out of the crowd that we always encounter too often nowadays. Thanks to our collaboration with a team of designers and artisans we chose leathers of unquestionable value that have given life to those patterns we are so proud of. Try to hold an It Bags wholesale bag in your hand and we are sure that it will always transmit new emotions  thanks to the mix of different leathers. Nothing is left to chance, every color or pattern present in our b2b Patchwork bags is designed to create perfect patterns to make every customer happy. Suitable for every type of personality as there are so many variations, so we invite you to browse our catalog soyou'll not miss these little works of art."

These are the words of our manager and that reflect the idea of all It Bags's staff. We are waiting for you on our E-Commerce to discover all our Patchwork wholesale leather goods and we strongly suggest you to take a look at these: wholesale backpack, wholesale handbag and many others!

"I bought the It Bags Patchwork line out of curiosity and from that moment on, they are selling like hot cakes among my customers. Being all unique, each person wants to win a piece of uniqueness"
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