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The new season is about to arrive and, like every year, we are ready to put our summer bags in the closet and dust off the autumnal ones. You know...the seasons pass quickly, but fashions pass even faster. How many times does a bag that we loved, carried and used the previous season, have no longer the same charme? For this reason we propose you to read this article and understand according to It Bags, which will be the must-have wholesale women's bags for next season! We know, to every woman, her bag! There are those who prefer it large, roomy and comfortable. Or there are those who prefer an handbag, a little smaller and more refined. Or even those who can't stay without cozy and timeless backpacks. Fortunately for us, this winter we will have a lot of surprises and lots of news that can really satisfy anyone!

As we have seen on catwalks of the biggest brands, now the bag is no longer just a comfortable accessory to carry the necessary. They have become an absolute must-have to complete any type of look.

Soft and capacious like the Bottega Veneta ones, they will be the most IN bags for the next season. Or the retrò charme of women's bags like those by Gucci, in a ladylike key, perfect for the woman who loves classic style with that twist of eccentricity. Or small, sometimes even tiny like the famous Jaquemus ones, which are now a staple in the world of streetstyle. In short, this Fall/Winter 2020-2021 season is preparing us many surprises in terms of women's bags!

In this It Bags, wholesaler of genuine leather bags, is the master! Bringing all the quality and trendy models of high end brands, to your dreams and stores! Thanks to our you can indulge yourself and choose which bag suite best to your store and the demands of your customers. Among the absolute protagonists of this winter, there will be maxi bags such as our wholesale shopping bags. They can be worn on shoulder or by hand like a suitcase style and can be combined with any outfit! Is the extravagant style what you are looking for? Then try them in the Patchwork version! To make your style even more unique!

Even the most classic hobo bags are back in a loud voice, finely woven wholesale woven leather bags, comfy and capacious as much as we need. They offer a casual chic style and It Bags, you supplier and manufacturer of Made in Italy bags, offers them in various color nuances, perfect for a more sophisticated look of even for those who prefer to choose them in bolder textures, to appear!

As we said earlier, this winter we have a big come back, the ladylike hanbags with that bon-ton air, perfect for those who want to opt for a sophisticated and elegant lokk. Browse our wholesale bags to discover all the women's bags in this category. Structured, colorful and very trendy! Like our wholesale handbags! You can discover this and many other models on our website! We bet you'll like them!

And last but not least, we also want to warn you that fringes will be back in trend this winter! Wholesale bags and handbags in vintage and non-vintage style will be so stylish! Whether they are small or large, the important thing is that they have very long fringes! Perfect for any look, they wink at the country-chic style. And obviously It Bags couldn't stay behind, that's why we offer you our vintage style wholesale bags. Come and have a look!

How not to desire at least one of these new models? Trust our twenty years of experience and your store will always be stocked with le latest trendy and fashionable b2b bags, made with the highest quality leathers in our laboratory in Florence.

Florence, a city as famous for its art as it is for its leather processing. Many big brands such as Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and many other have decided to tranfer their manufactury work here and that is why we are here too working with Florentine artisans. Always giving you well-made wholesale bags and leather goods. Unfortunately there are many fast-fashion clothing/accessories lines and brands that try to reproduce the most famous bags of the moment with low quality materials and poor workmanship.

We are wary of these processes, because we want our b2b leather goods and our wholesale women's bags to be always fashionable but above all, of great quality.



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