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Patchwork Bags

How many times have we tried to search on the internet the definition of the word "patchwork" and as a result we found only simple and unclear descriptions? It-bags is here NOT to explain it, but to let you touch with your hand the quality of our products. Our wholesale bags, handcrafted by florentine leather craftsmen in our wholesale bags production site located in Osmannoro, are a piece that should not be missing in your shop.

Our wholesale leather bags presents the new winter collection, where you can find wholesale pony bags and many other models of the new winter bag collection.

You can never get tired of a wholesale patchwork bag. Geometric shapes never tire the eyes and having one of them makes people free to express themselves. The philosophy of IT-Bags, is to please the customer's request ... no matter how absurd it can be!

Following the trends of the moment, taking inspiration from street style and catwalks, our wholesale online bags will allow you to satisfy every woman and man who needs an eccentric, cheeky and fun bag that accompanies the routine of everyday life. Patchwork bags are completely Made In Italy, sewn with the best materials on the market and last but not list..they wink at eco-friendly fashion thanks to the reuse of some materials. Take a look and let yourself be carried away by the fun!

Patchwork Bags

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  • Color: Acid Green

Double shoulder strap...

Patchwork 3 in 1 shoulder bag in leather

Is it a clutch bag? A shoulder bag? A wallet? All this in one bag!

This Patchwork model consists of two genuine Made in Italy leather clutch bags and a small change holder.

The fabric shoulder strap will be perfect for wearing this bag during the day, or turn it into a perfect evening clutch with the golden chain.

A 3 in 1 that no customer can resist.

Inspired by the trends of the moment, it will be a must have model for this season.